Deadair Nomad-30 Silencer

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Deadair Nomad-30

Lightweight. Versatile. Modular.  These are the names of the game as Dead Air set out to further their legacy of Sandman series silencer with their newest offering: The Nomad-30.  While we didn’t think it could get any better than a Sandman-K, S, L or Ti, we were pleasantly surprised when this little silencer wandered into our shop!

The Nomad-30 is specifically designed for the everyday shooter.  The light weight titanium and stainless silencer is intended to go everywhere you go on whatever host rifle your day requires.  At a scant 14 ounces, the Nomad-30 boasts a titanium direct thread mount that is easily interchanged with a Key-Mo Adapter that will allow the Nomad to be used on any Dead Air muzzle device.

Weight: 14oz

Length: 6.5"

Diameter: 1.735"

Installed Mount: 5/8x24 Direct Thread

Build Materials: 17-4 stainless steel & grade 5 titanium

Finish: Matte Black Cerakote™

*This is an NFA item, all NFA rules apply. PLEASE CALL (417) 634-0343 for silencer sales.

*Price does not include Tax Stamp or transfer fees